Hey! I’m [Insert Your Name], Founder of This Website!

In this section introduce yourself….

Why did you build this site?

What makes this site different from the million other around the internet?

Tell your story…  people will read this and if it’s good, will help your blog stand out from the sea of dull and uninspiring websites.

A Little Story About How I Got Started…

In this section tell a little story on how you decided on the niche of the website…

Why this niche versus all the others you could’ve picked? Is there a specific story that makes THIS niche special to you? 

Write it here and add any pictures to help illustrate your point. 

Here’s How I Can Help You…

In this section section wrap up the “About Us” with benefit driven statements on how your website will help others.

Specifically call out why your website will help others in ways they can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

If possible, mention your credentials, experience, certifications, first hand experience, and any other bit of information to prove you are the authority on the niche you selected.

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