Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

The age-old adage ‘a clean home is a happy home’ rings true for many. But when it comes to keeping your house spick and span, finding the right tool for the job can be tricky. Fortunately, the best stick vacuums are more than up to the task.

From lightweight models that are ideal for quick cleans, to powerful ones that can tackle deep dirt and pet hair with ease, these are the top picks for keeping your home looking its best.

In this article, we’ll review the five best stick vacuum cleaners on the market today. We’ll also discuss their key features and outline what you should look for when shopping around. So whether you’re after something small and compact, or a model that packs a punch in terms of suction power – there’s sure to be something here to suit your needs!

Finally, we’ll provide our top tips on how to get the most out of your new stick vacuum cleaner and keep it running smoothly for years to come. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Top Pick: Shark Rocket DuoClean Vacuum Cleaner

The Shark Rocket DuoClean Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and versatile cleaning tool designed to deliver efficient and thorough cleaning results. With its dual brushroll technology, lightweight design, and versatile attachments, this vacuum cleaner offers a reliable solution for maintaining a clean and tidy home. In this review, we will explore the main selling points, pros, and cons of the Shark Rocket DuoClean Vacuum Cleaner.

Dual brushroll technology: This innovative design combines a bristle brush to deep clean carpets and a soft brushroll for capturing large debris and giving hard floors a polished look. With this dual brushroll system, users can achieve exceptional cleaning performance on both carpeted and hard surfaces.

Efficiency is a key strength of the Shark Rocket DuoClean Vacuum Cleaner. With its powerful suction and advanced swivel steering, this vacuum cleaner allows for easy maneuverability around furniture and tight spaces. It efficiently captures both fine dust particles and large debris, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience.

Versatility is another notable feature of the Shark Rocket DuoClean Vacuum Cleaner. It comes with a range of attachments, including a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush, allowing users to tackle various cleaning tasks with ease. From vacuuming stairs to removing pet hair from furniture, this vacuum cleaner offers versatility and adaptability.


  • Dual Brushroll Technology
  • Lightweight and Maneuverable
  • Versatile Attachments


  • Corded Design
  • Dust Bin Capacity

Wertheim Evolution Handstick W7301

The Wertheim Evolution Handstick W7301 offers powerful cleaning performance in a compact and versatile design. With its strong suction, multiple cleaning modes, and convenient features, this handstick vacuum is designed to make cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. In this review, we will explore the main selling points, pros, and cons of the Wertheim Evolution Handstick W7301.

Powerful suction: With its high-performance motor and advanced cyclonic technology, this vacuum provides strong and consistent suction power, ensuring thorough cleaning results on various surfaces. It effortlessly picks up dirt, dust, and debris, leaving your floors and carpets spotless.

Versatility is a key advantage of the Wertheim Evolution Handstick W7301. It offers multiple cleaning modes, including a handheld mode and a stick mode, providing flexibility to tackle different cleaning tasks. Whether you need to clean floors, furniture, or hard-to-reach areas, this vacuum adapts to your needs and offers convenience in every cleaning scenario.

Compact and lightweight design of the Wertheim Evolution Handstick W7301 enhances its maneuverability and ease of use. Its slim profile allows for easy storage, while the lightweight construction makes it comfortable to carry and maneuver around furniture and obstacles. This handstick vacuum is designed with user convenience in mind.


  • Powerful Suction
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • Convenient and User-Friendly


  • Limited Battery Life
  • Smaller Dust Canister

Types Of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners are a popular choice for many households, in fact, according to the National Flooring Alliance, two-thirds of American households own one. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes.

There are three main types of stick vacuum cleaners: corded, cordless, and robotic. Corded vacuums plug into an electrical outlet and provide superior suction power as compared to battery-powered models. A cordless stick vacuum uses a rechargeable battery to provide convenience and portability; however, the battery life is usually shorter than that of corded models. Robotic vacuums clean on their own using sensors and artificial intelligence; they do not require human intervention to operate. Each type has its own unique benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase.

Benefits Of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuums have plenty of benefits. They’re lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for quick cleanups. Plus, their cordless design means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of cords or outlets. Here are just a few reasons why stick vacuums make great cleaning companions:

  • Cordless convenience: No need to worry about cords or outlets getting in the way when you’re cleaning.
  • Compact size: Stick vacuums are incredibly compact and can easily fit into tight spaces, making them great for small apartments or homes.
  • Lightweight design: Their lightweight design makes them easy to carry around, so you can take your vacuum on the go without feeling weighed down.

Stick vacuums give us the freedom to clean quickly and efficiently without any extra hassle. Now that we know the benefits of using a stick vacuum, let’s look at what features to consider when buying one.

Features To Look For When Buying A Stick Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re searching for a stick vacuum cleaner, it can seem like a daunting task! With hundreds of models and features to choose from, the decision making process can be overwhelming. But if you know exactly what features to look for when shopping, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect stick vacuum cleaner. Here are 3 must-have features that will help make your purchase an easy one:

  1. Lightweight: Stick vacuums should be lightweight and easy to maneuver. No one wants to lug around a bulky machine while vacuuming their floors!
  2. Battery life: Many cordless stick vacuums come with batteries that last up to 30 minutes on a single charge, giving you plenty of time to clean your entire home without having to recharge in between sessions.
  3. Versatility: Look for models that feature multiple settings so you can use them on carpets and hardwood floors alike. That way, you don’t have to switch between different vacuums every time you want to clean different surfaces.

With these features in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect stick vacuum cleaner for your home’s needs. Now all that’s left is considering factors such as price, suction power, and accessories before making your final decision – but that’s a topic for another day!

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Shopping for a stick vacuum cleaner can be tricky. To make it easier, here are some factors to consider:

  • Price: Figure out your budget and then shop around for the best deal. Look into both online and in-store options.
  • Suction power: Make sure the vacuum you choose has enough suction power to pick up dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris from hardwood floors, carpets or area rugs.
  • Battery life: A longer battery life is preferable so you don’t have to constantly recharge the device.

Also think about portability, noise level and attachments. All these factors will help you find a stick vacuum that meets your needs. So take your time, compare different models and pick one with features that suit your lifestyle.

How To Properly Maintain A Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Maintaining a stick vacuum cleaner is like tending to a garden – it requires careful attention and consistent upkeep. Here are four tips to keep your stick vacuum operating at its best: 

  1. Empty the collection bin after each use to ensure maximum suction power. 
  2. Clean the filter regularly to prevent it from clogging and losing suction. 
  3. Replace the roller brush as needed; if it’s worn or damaged, this will reduce the effectiveness of vacuuming. 
  4. Check for loose parts or get them replaced; make sure everything is secured properly.

Taking these steps will keep your stick vacuum functioning optimally and save you from costly repairs in the long run. Proactive care will extend its lifespan and make sure it’s ready for any mess that comes its way. So don’t forget to tend carefully to your stick vacuum – with consistent effort, it’ll return the favor!

Advantages Of Stick Vacuum Cleaners Over Upright Vacuum Cleaners

A stick vacuum cleaner is like a loyal friend: compact, reliable and always there when you need it. While upright vacuums may appear more powerful, stick vacuums offer several advantages that can’t be overlooked. For starters, they are lightweight and easily maneuvered around furniture, making them ideal for apartment living. 

They also have a relatively small footprint, so they don’t take up much space in the closet or storage area. Stick vacuums are also easy to use on stairs since they don’t require the user to lug a heavy machine up and down each step. Finally, many models come with specialized attachments that make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easier than with an upright vacuum cleaner. 

The affordability of stick vacuums makes them an attractive alternative to upright models, as many high-quality models can be found for under $200. With its portability, convenience and cost-effectiveness, a stick vacuum could be just what you need to keep your home clean and tidy.

Popular Stick Vacuum Cleaners On The Market

While stick vacuum cleaners are not suitable for cleaning thick carpets, they can be a great addition to an upright model in homes that have both types of floors. Their lightweight and compact design means they can easily be manoeuvred around tight corners and stairs. Plus, with the latest technology, some models offer as much suction power as their larger counterparts. Here are some popular stick vacuums on the market today:

  • Dyson V7 Motorhead Cord-free Vacuum – This handheld vacuum offers up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction. It comes with a direct-drive cleaner head that powerfully deep cleans carpets and hard floors.
  • Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum – This ultra-lightweight vacuum weighs less than 3 pounds and features an ergonomic handle for added comfort when vacuuming. It also includes crevice tools for getting into those hard to reach places.
  • Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – The Linx is a cordless vacuum with a low profile base that allows you to go from carpets to hard surfaces without having to change any settings. Its WindTunnel technology ensures powerful suctioning on all surfaces.
  • Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright HV302 – This is one of the lightest full sized upright vacuums on the market at 8 pounds. Its swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and its dual storage options let you store it either vertically or horizontally depending on your space constraints. Despite its small size, it has powerful suction across both carpets and bare floors.

Stick vacuums provide convenience and versatility – perfect for smaller spaces or homes where different types of flooring exist side by side. With the right model, you can get great results without breaking the bank or lugging around heavy equipment. Moving onto costs of stick vacuum cleaners…

Cost Of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Ah, the joy of having a stick vacuum cleaner. The pleasure of cleaning up messes without having to break your back. Isn’t it ironic, though – before you can enjoy those luxuries, you have to pay for them. Let’s take a look at the cost of stick vacuum cleaners on the market.

The prices range from: 

  • Low-end:
    • Under $50 for basic models 
    • Up to $150 for standard models 
  • High-end:
    • Between $200 and $400 
  • For more advanced models with more features
    • Over $400 for top end models with all the bells and whistles.

Stick vacuums come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something to fit any budget. But how do you know which one is right for you? That’s where our next section comes in handy. We’ll give you some tips on choosing the right stick vacuum cleaner for your home.

Tips For Choosing The Right Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaners are a great way to keep your home clean – but if you’re looking for the right one, it can be tricky. You’d think that choosing the right stick vacuum would be easy, but believe me, it isn’t! That’s why I’m here to help. Here are some tips for finding the perfect stick vacuum cleaner for you.

First of all, consider what type of surfaces you’ll be cleaning. If you have mostly hardwood floors or tiles, then a cordless model with a brush head is ideal. However, if you have carpets or rugs then an upright model with a motorized brush is probably best. It’s also important to consider how much power and suction you need from your stick vacuum. If your home has high traffic areas, then a more powerful model is probably what you need. 

On the other hand, if your home is mostly carpet-free then a basic model may do just fine. Finally, think about how often you’ll use your stick vacuum cleaner and how easy it will be to empty and maintain. A cordless model might be convenient but they usually have smaller dust containers which need to be emptied regularly. Upright models on the other hand tend to have larger dust containers which can last longer between emptying them out.

When making your decision remember that there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to stick vacuums – so take some time to find the right one for your needs and budget. With these tips in mind, let’s move onto looking at the pros and cons of stick vacuum cleaners…

Pros And Cons Of Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners are a great choice for those who want portability and ease of use. But they come with both advantages and drawbacks. Let’s consider the pros and cons of these machines:

  • Compact size: Stick vacuums are lightweight, small in size, and easy to store. 
  • Affordable price point: These vacuums are generally cheaper than their upright counterparts. 
  • Versatility: Most stick vacuums can be used both on carpets and bare floors.

On the downside, stick vacuums typically have shorter battery life than corded or upright models. Additionally, they don’t have the suction power of other types of vacuum cleaners, making them better at cleaning up light messes rather than deep-cleaning high-pile carpets. Finally, they often lack attachments like crevice tools or brushes that come with more expensive models.

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that won’t break your budget and won’t take up too much space in your home, stick vacuums could be an ideal choice for you. But if you need a more powerful option that can handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks, you may want to opt for a higher-end model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Stick Vacuum Cleaners Usually Last?

Stick vacuums are popular for their convenience and portability. Users like that they don’t take up much space, can be used on multiple surfaces, and can quickly clean large areas. But how long do these vacuums last?

On average, a stick vacuum should last around 5-7 years with regular use and proper maintenance. This may vary depending on the type of vacuum and its quality. Some models come with warranties that cover them for up to 10 years. Regularly cleaning and checking the filters, brushes, and rollers will help keep your vacuum running smoothly for longer periods of time. Additionally, making sure to store it in a cool dry place away from debris helps extend its lifespan.

Is It Difficult To Store A Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Storage should never be an afterthought when it comes to picking a vacuum cleaner. As the old adage goes, ‘measure twice and cut once’. Stick vacuum cleaners are designed for convenience, but that doesn’t mean storing them is always easy.

Stick vacuums are lightweight, so they often fit easily in most closets or on shelves without taking up too much space. They can also stand upright with their handle down; this makes it simpler to grab and use when needed, but can take up more room than if the handle was extended or folded away. Some stick vacs come with wall mounts or charging docks that make storage even easier, although these accessories may cost extra.

It’s important to consider where you’d store your stick vacuum before making any purchase decisions. Think about how much space you have available at home and how often you’ll be using the appliance – if it’s only for occasional cleaning tasks, you might want one that’s small enough to store away in a closet or cupboard out of sight when not in use.

Are Stick Vacuum Cleaners Suitable For Pet Hair?

Stick vacuum cleaners are popular for their compact size and ease of use. But are they suitable for pet hair?

Yes, stick vacuum cleaners can be great for pet hair. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Their slim design allows them to easily get into tight spaces, ideal for picking up those pesky pet hairs that often hide in the corners of your home. The strong suction power helps you to quickly remove pet hair from carpets and upholstery without having to worry about multiple passes. Additionally, many stick vacuums come with attachments specifically designed for pet hair, such as brushes and crevice tools. So if you have pets at home, a stick vacuum cleaner is the perfect option.

Are Stick Vacuum Cleaners Difficult To Maneuver?

Tackling the floors can be a daunting task. But, with the help of stick vacuum cleaners, it doesn’t have to be such a chore. The question is: are these suction machines hard to maneuver?

The answer is no. Modern stick vacuums offer excellent control and convenience with their lightweight design. With a sleek handle, they can easily slide across carpets and hardwood surfaces while gliding around furniture legs with ease. Plus, they come with adjustable heads that let you clean tight corners and other hard-to-reach spots. In short, stick vacuums make an easy job out of cleaning your house.

How Often Should I Replace My Stick Vacuum Cleaner Filter?

Stick vacuum cleaners are a popular choice for busy households. But how often do you need to replace the filter? To answer this question, it’s important to understand how filters work and how they help keep your home clean.

Filters are designed to trap dust and debris so that the vacuum exhausts only clean air. Over time, these filters can become clogged with dirt and will require replacing – but just how often? Generally speaking, it’s recommended that you replace your filter every 3 to 6 months depending on usage. For more frequent use, you should aim to check your filter at least once every month or two. It’s also a good idea to clean any reusable filters regularly in between replacements.

Regular replacement of your stick vacuum cleaner filter ensures that your machine is running at optimal performance and efficiency, as well as avoiding any risk of blockages due to an overly clogged filter. So if you’re looking for a tidy home, make sure you’re regularly checking and replacing your stick vacuum cleaner filter.


I’ve been using a stick vacuum cleaner for years and I gotta say, it’s been a great investment. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, so it can get into tight spots that other vacuum cleaners just can’t reach. Plus, they’re fairly durable, so they last longer than most vacuums.

But the biggest benefit of having a stick vacuum is its ability to tackle pet hair. There’s nothing worse than trying to clean up after your four-legged friend with a regular vacuum cleaner; but the suction power of a stick vacuum makes quick work of it.

No matter what kind of mess you have to face, you can rely on your trusty stick vacuum cleaner for help. And with regular maintenance and filter replacements, it’ll last you for years to come. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your home clean—and make life easier—look no further than the best stick vacuum cleaners around!

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